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BAT 17

After a year & a half of filming, the Swiss Scene based in Neuchatel brings us a full length video, BAT17. Their first video together but definitely not the last.


TK-FM Radio is back with a playlist from the Washington ripper Sean “Skippy” MacFoy. Featuring a solid mix of 90’s hip hop, hardcore punk, heavy shoegaze, & soundcloud rap. Pop on some headphones and let Skippy’s tunes power you through the rest of the week.

The Z²  it means “Zizimutant” (or Mutant Dick in English) Nothing morphological, it’s just a stupid name I found on my 14th Birthday at a Lazer Quest.

“My hope for the future is a strong community where more dudes are marking a living off scootering and less dudes who need a video part now having a video part.”

“I ended up landing it a few tries later and woke up the next day with the entire inside of my foot black and blue and had trouble walking for a few weeks after that.”

“For me and for some big names on this planet, social media destroyed the construction a little bit for the future of Scootering, so we need more big projects.”

“To me it’s a piece of art, and if it can change the way you feel, the way you view something, the way you perceive scootering, then I’ve succeeded.”


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