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Nolan Shoemaker vs. The UC Davis Gap

The summit of the UC Davis Gap is no joke.. Nolan Shoemaker revisits the day he filmed the ender for his Welcome to Affinity Video


“For me and for some big names on this planet, social media destroyed the construction a little bit for the future of Scootering, so we need more big projects.”

“To me it’s a piece of art, and if it can change the way you feel, the way you view something, the way you perceive scootering, then I’ve succeeded.”

“It made me realize that there’s some much more that I am capable of doing in this life and at the age that I am.”

The Basis crew sets their eyes on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in their latest voyage to find sacred marble and untouched spots.

Hailing from the Austrian alps comes a psychedelic mash from one of the gnarliest dudes to ever put urethane on the ground.

“Local legends tells that cook puts a potato from Massachusetts in his dishes haha”


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